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A simple file copy utility for Microsoft Windows operating systems. For use in a variety of operations, e.g., for an easy backup and network file sharing.After initial installation, a small icon in the system tray will remind you that Duplicator is running. You can also start the application from the desktop shortcut.There are two interface modes - Windows XP and Windows 2000. The Windows XP one includes a multi-language interface. The Windows 2000/NT version includes a set of predefined icons for easier access.Once you select the desired mode, the program will be displayed in the main window.The main window contains a sidebar area, on which all of the configuration settings are arranged. The sidebar may be hidden as well, depending on your chosen setting. The available parameters are pretty much self-explanatory, so you’ll find them not a problem.To learn how the application functions, we’ll start by analyzing the settings. Basically, the program lets you define the position of the docking widget and keep it on top of other apps.With a click on the little icon, you can start the utility, which will automatically launch a file dialog. There is no need to manually open the file, as it will show you all of the currently selected items in the main window.The main window is the only window that takes input from the user. If you right-click on any item, you will see a context menu of possible actions - open, send as attachments, run executable, copy and run, copy to clipboard, run from clipboard or run on network.Clicking on an item in the main window will automatically open the designated program or perform the designated operation. If you want to launch the application, right-click the mouse and choose the Open option.Duplicator lets you use the context menu to drag and drop items. When the files or programs are successfully dropped in the available location, you will see the prompt indicating that the files have been copied. In addition, Duplicator may save your changes to the profiles list and run the tool at Windows startup.If you need to keep the program on the desktop, simply drag and drop it there. Duplicator will begin asynchronously looking for the Dock folder. Once it finds it, it will automatically open the window to begin the process.Our overall assessment was that Duplicator provides an easy way to copy and run files, without wasting too much time.In order to master Duplicator 08929e5ed8

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